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They seem to have worked out any issues that they may have had over the years and they both seem happily settled.

My problem is with my youngest daughter She is 28 years old and has been married for four years.

That didn't really affect me - I guess in my mind, I think of my mother as "Mom" not "Betty". If another guy came along with the same name (which would be a real coincidence, since it's not a super-common name, but could happen), I'd have no problem dating him. Cliffy and I have been dating/married, I've probably called her Kathy less than a hundred times. It took me a few months to get used to it and break the association with the name.

But I would be somewhat discomfitted by dating a woman with same first name as my sister. The thing is, I don't think of my dad as his first name, I think of him as my dad, as in his first name is My and his middle name is Dad. Now, if he had my dad's name, that'd be cool, as long as he didn't ever want me to call him Daddy...

They tend to do whatever they want and aren’t going to change their mind because parents interfere.

My daughter is a beautiful girl and her husband was always possessive and jealous of her He would get upset when she wanted to spend time at home with us.

She’s funny and gorgeous and I was thrilled when I realised she had feelings for me, too. I know it sounds a cliche, but I feel that we are soulmates.

So, I've recently started seeing this really great guy. It's not a major issue.a minor thing that makes me go 'ick' sometimes, if I think about it. Could you be involved with someone who had the same name as a parent/guardian? I did for years, and not only did he have the same name as my Dad but he looked like him and in many ways acted like him too. I tease him that he's off the hook if he accidentally calls out the wrong name, but he assures me that he has us straight.

I dated a girl who had the same first name as my mother. It was only odd at first, and later if my Mom referred to my Dad by his given name and I'd have to wonder who she was talking about. : DI'm living with a guy with the same name as a horrible ex of mine. Especially since there was a break in time but no other relationships to speak of between them.

[Feb 2016 Update: Dating a Divorced Dad – Version 2.0 Updated] Let’s Hook Up, Wait. We’ve both got some history under our belt, kids, and some requirements for what’s OK and what we simply won’t ever do again.

(Red Flags, we like to call them.) As we navigate “dating” again, we quickly realise the rules are very different.

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