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Another interesting point from the study: Black men who adopted a colorblind ideology were also less likely to find black women attractive.The study gathered 124 college-aged men, 62 black and 62 white, and had them view several online dating profiles to gauge their romantic interest in each of the women listed.Please complete the questionnaire below to take the first step in finding the relationship that will add fulfillment to your life or fill out an online profile click here.A Color Blind International consultant will contact you for a complimentary phone consultation. Once the first step's are completed and your personal relationship consultant has found you a match. You only pay when we find a qualified match for you.As I mentioned, how could many of us not do so after years of training?I have spent nearly 15 years in public high school classrooms, and my students – particularly my students of color – have provided a wealth of evidence that, when it comes to colorblindness, we desperately require an alternate training.In 2016, you're probably more likely to hear someone express that they are open to dating outside of their race.But according to a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, white college-aged men who claim to be "colorblind" tend to be less attracted to black women, as opposed to white men of the same age range, who don't subscribe to the "colorblind" ideology.

Moreover, this country’s racist history is deeply uncomfortable: “Let’s just start fresh in a world where we don’t acknowledge racial differences and, with luck, we can move beyond our racist past.

But when it comes to marital commitments, and even public displays of affection, barriers still remain.

The following fact sheet was prepared for the 2011 Council on Contemporary Families conference, “Tipping Point? Breaking the last taboo: Interracial marriage in America.

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